Saturday, January 30, 2016

Well... that was too long a drive.  500 miles.  left before 9 and got here at 5:20 but there is an hour time change so its really 6:20.

Took a few snap shots of the dust in west texas.  Its just like the movies.  I will upload them later but from a quick glance, you can't really tell how thick the dust was.

Here in Roswell for a night (is the current plans).  There is a wildlife refuge I hope to get to just outside of time before sunrise.  And the off road park is about 40 minutes out of time (back towards Austin unfortunately).  I'm not sure if I'll do that or not.

The guy at the front desk (a guest) said the road from Alamogordo to Roswell was wonderful.  I need to do some google map searches and see about that.

Trip to Sedona, AZ

First entry of a new trip.  Going "west" probably as far as Sedona, AZ but first stop is Roswell, NM.  No... not to visit my alien family members but its a comfortable 7 or 8 hour drive and there is a wildlife refuge just east of it.  We'll see how this goes.