Friday, April 29, 2022

Willow City Loop

Last Tuesday, the 26th of April 2022, I decided to go for a small walkabout. I drove up to Austin to dig into my storage and get my camping equipment. Then I headed west towards a route that an AA buddy had discovered a year ago. It is called Willow City Loop. This map will give you an idea of where it is at and the length of it.
But before I got there, I spent the night at Black Rock Park on Lake Buchanan. I got there after dark and I've not been camping in many years. It was a struggle to set up my bivy. What should have taken 5 minutes took me probably a half hour. Part of the reason is the bivy has degraded over time. I think I'm going to replace it. It is shedding its GoreTex lining and is sticky. In any case, I finally bedded down and woke around 6 a.m. to birds singing. I'm guessing it was these fellows: Scissor Tail Flycatchers but it was too dark to see when I first got up.
The park had water on about 270ยบ. It had some quant little cabins:
Eventually I headed off for my destination. But along the way, I got slowed down for some road construction. As I passed through, I noticed a great looking train bridge. It seems the track has been abandoned. Here are some photos of the bridge:
Being a Smith boy... I got chased off by the road crew supervisor -- so I'm living right still!!! Eventually I got to my destination of Willow City Loop. It turns out to be almost a private driveway. It is wide enough for two cars except for the low water crossings. And it is open ranch land so the cows are out and about grazing. I didn't see any flowers which was my original quest but it is a wonderful drive. These pictures really don't do it justice.
These folks waved as I passed by:
On the way back home, I stopped and took this picture of the Old Blanco County Courthouse. It was one of my first real attempts at using my new TS-E24mm tilt shift lens. Fun toys!!!