Tuesday, September 28, 2021

As of this date, my house has a contract that should close in two days (September 30, 2021).  I’m currently hassling the buyer to get proper insurance.  The contract for the house was signed in June but the buyer is an LLC so they wanted the usual 90 day evaluation period.  In the process, the 3rd party financing didn’t work out so they came back to the original owner financing that I had offered originally so the closing date is the 30th.  I’ve already signed my part of the papers.

Previously, back on Election Day, I had folks come in and get rid of Ring Tail Cats.  That started me to start cleaning out the attics.  I got them completely cleaned out in a few weeks.  And then starting in June, I slowly started clearing out the house.  I believe there was 5 trips to Goodwill with nothing but pictures, frames, and framing supplies.  Many trips to recycling.  Plus, of course, trips to a 10x10 storage.  The rest of my accumulated stuff I trashed.  Many items went to my son, Michael.  And other things are going to my brothers up in Montana.

We finally loaded up the wagons and drove from Leander to Richardson yesterday.  We had an F-250 with a 16’ trailer loaded with my John Deere Tractor and a Subaru with a 8’ trailer.

Got to Richardson around 4 p.m. yesterday.  Today we took a trip to see Britt’s lake house.  We currently plan to leave for Montana on Friday.