Friday, October 22, 2021

Moose, Stars, and Geese

Sep. 22

Almost every morning is spectacular here. This is an HDR image from this morning.

Sep. 20

This is 265 frames of a moonrise. Each frame is a HDR merge of three images taken at f-stop offsets of -1, 0, and -1. Live and learn. There are several things I would do different but it is still neat to watch

Sep. 19

We've been cleaning the garage and other chores before winter comes.  But today I took some time and capture some geese arguing amongst themselves.  I find this really cute.  No great art here but it's fun to me.

We also saw a moose nearby:

Oct 17

An early morning "stroll" with the drone:

Oct 12

Scaling the tall trees by the house:

Oct 11
First try at capturing the night sky:

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