Friday, May 13, 2022

Walkabout Along the Gulf Coast - Day 1

Wednesday I set off for another walkabout. This one is for the coast. I tried to start it on Tuesday but I discovered I didn't pack my tripod so I just came home and waited a day. The path on the first day was mostly to get to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge It is the site of the Whopping Cranes but that season has past. It was just a somewhat random target to start the journey.
Along the way, I saw a raptor on top of a telephone pole. I thought it might be a bald eagle because the head was light colored. I stopped and threw on the 500mm lens and got a pretty aweful shot. This is a huge crop but from it you can tell that it is a Crested Caracara.
The wildlife refuge wasn't much ... I got there late in the day and it isn't the season for anything. There was one very interesting flower:
And a small body of water with giant bull frogs and some pleasant water lilies.
The lady at the visitors center suggested I spend the night on Goose Island State Park. I'm camping out. The wind coming from the gulf made setting up the bivy hard. I'm still learning things. Before going to Goose Island, I needed food so I went to Bubba's Cajun Seafood in Seadrift, Texas and had the fish basket with onion rings. Total killer food. I don't claim to be a connoisseur of fish but it was really wonderful. I'm two days behind on my blog entries so I'm going to end this now. Tomorrow was wonderful so follow this blog is you can figure out how.

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