Friday, May 13, 2022

Walkabout Along the Gulf Coast - Day 3

As I mentioned, I slept at a KOA and woke to find the same four (or five depending upon how you count) planets lined up. I took a picture this time and I labeled them.

What isn't shown is the International Space Station. It came trucking from the Northwest to the Southeast at 5:45 a.m. and its path crossed right through the planet's elipitcal plane that we see the planets lined up on. Why didn't I take the picture???? Well, I had changed to the 500mm lens to get a close up of the ISS but I wasn't really prepared for that either and it basically passed through without me taking a decent picture. Oil well...

So... I packed up and started driving eventually ended up at Galveston Island State Park. Here is the day's path:

Breakfast was in a little place in Palacios, TX. There was a lot of shrimp boats. Here is a small sample of those pictures:

I crossed over the Colorado River

While driving I came across a nice old church and an old windmill. I eventually ended up at Port Lavaca. I was hoping to see some shipping activity but all the cranes were silent. I walked out on a long wave break and took a few random shots.

I eventually ended at the state park. When I got here at 6 p.m., the place was empty. Since then, the place has been flooded with Boy Scouts. All the sites are reserved so I'm not sure what will happen. Its almost 10 p.m. now... I'm going to sign off and hope for the best.

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